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We offer either an exchange semester or full academic year for students within the Erasmus+ programme, bilateral agreements or a FITEC agreement (students from Argentinian, Brazilian partner universities)




Exchange semester

The courses are taught in English in all of our Majors:

This opportunity is available from September to January (Fall Semester) to students having acquired at least 180 ECTS credits in their home School.

A minimum of B2 English level is necessary

To validate 30 ECTS credits, students can take ;

  • 15 ECTS credits of mandatory speciality courses
  • 15 ECTS credits of other courses or research project courses

The Certificate in Research Training, which is an additional institutional diploma, is awarded for the research project.

The exchange semester can be extended with a research project semester for an additional 30 ECTS credits.


Full academic year exchange

Students with an appropriate academic background and having fully completed the first year of a Master program or having acquired at least 240 ECTS credits (or a domestic equivalent) in their home school can apply for the second year of our Masters. These two-semester masters consist of a course program in the Fall Semester and a research work in the Spring Semester.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering :

Master in Civil Engineering

Master in Industrial Engineering

The master programmes are open for non-exchange students also.


Double degree exchange

ENISE offers the opportunity to integrate a double degree exchange programme either for the French engineering degree or for a Master degree. Students then get both the ENISE degree and the partner university’s diploma.

This dual curriculum offers outstanding training with unique teaching approaches from two institutions. It provides significant value by preparing engineers for integration into companies from both countries and, more broadly, for success in an international setting.

This exchange is possible if a double-degree agreement exists between ENISE and the home institution.




Application deadlines for a study period

Fall semester or full academic year : June 15 (May 15 for master programs)

Spring semester: November 15


Students from outside the European Union

Campus France opens applications until mid-December of the year preceding the enrollment year:

After this date, non-EU students can apply through this link:

The main session is from mid-January to mid-March. An additional session may be scheduled from mid-March to mid-May.


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