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ENISE can contribute to a company by:

  • Assigning apprentices and interns
  • Appointing groups of students and/or apprentices to engineering projects brought to us by partner companies
  • Offering continuing training
  • Developing our partners' employer brand

Companies can contribute to ENISE by :

  • Contributing to ENISE's major strategic and educational orientations
  • Providing lectures given by professionals
  • Developing the collaboration on internships and student projects
  • Supporting education with the training levy, with a donation to the school, or by funding a research contract

ENISE Présentation entreprise

Here is what we can do together:

  • Define a strategy for training, research and technology transfer
  • Train engineers who will have tested their skills in professional situations
  • Anticipate businesses' needs in new skills adapted to Industry 4.0 
  • Innovate on R&D subjects for local development
  • Set up collaborative projects that contribute to the competitiveness of companies and generally upgrade their expertise
  • Develop networks of expertise in relation to our professions



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