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The various teams at our school can help you when you need to recruit interns, apprentices, or new staff.

Internship offers

If you wish to offer an internship:

  • For a 2nd year student (8 to 12 week long internship, during the 2nd semester), through an immersion period, and who can contribute to the projects of the company.

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  • For a 4th year student (for 18 weeks during the 1st semester) who will come with technical skills and scientific knowledge to contribute to the design, production and organisation of projects.
  • For a 5th year student, while working on their Graduation project (22 week long project) who has the capacity to organise and manage a technical, science or organisation project for the company.

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ENISE Développer sa marque employeur entreprise

Professional training contract

Professional training contract

professional training contract is the opportunity for a 5th year student to develop, over a year, a strategic project for the company. Throughout the year, they will alternate between their time spent working for the company and their time spent learning at school.

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Apprenticeship contract

Apprenticeship (as a 3-year work/study programme) gives the company the opportunity to benefit from the skills acquired by our student who will progressively gain experience in various departments of the company until, at the end of the curriculum, they can strongly contribute to some innovation projects.

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Recruitment actions

  • Recruitment actions carried out:  a Career Forum, Job Dating, Graduate recruitment fairs
  • Introduce your company: Take part in conferences and round-table discussions with our engineering students during our Science and Business Open Days (Journées Ouverture Scientifique et Entreprises - JOSE).

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